Badger Power Marketing Authority - Power Provider

Shawano Municipal Utilities purchases power from Badger Power Marketing Authority (BPMA).     

The Creation of BPMA

BPMA was conceived in 1984 when the cities of Clintonville and Shawano decided to move forward to create a Joint Action Agency for their electric power needs.  In 1988 BPMA built the East and West Shawano substations and purchased the Cloverleaf Substation.  In 1998, BPMA acquired a Clintonville Substation and added a second transformer to provide a backup source of power.

A board of directors, comprised of six representatives from the Shawano and Clintonville communities, govern BPMA. Shawano Municipal Utilities team-members assist with day-to-day operations and finance.  Bruce Gomm serves as the General Manager of BPMA.  Rob Koepp serves as the Electrical Engineer Supervisor.  Jennifer Miller prepares the Financial Reports and serves as the BPMA Finance Manager.

BPMA Today

As of 2009, BPMA is now a full requirements customer of another Joint Action Agency, Great Lakes Utilities (GLU).  BPMA power sales in 2023 were $30.3 million.

BPMA's service to Shawano Municipal Utilities and Clintonville Utilities provides economies for both utilities and contributes to lower retail rates while maintaining reliable primary transmission connections and management.