About Us

Shawano Municipal Utilities (SMU) is a local, publicly owned and operated electric utility, serving more than 6,000 customers in the Shawano. We strive to provide low-cost, reliable service with a friendly, hometown personal touch. We are your friends and neighbors who share your values and understand your needs. SMU has a staff of twenty which includes six Journey Linecrew members and two Meter Technicians.

Shawano Municipal Utilities has a long history dating back to July 25, 1900, when an ordinance was approved to build an electrical and water works system in the City of Shawano. A bond was issued for $15,000 to build the original system.  In 1905, the population served was 2,469.

In 1930 the City approved an agreement with Wisconsin-Michigan Power Company (WEPCO) to supply electrical power to Shawano. This relationship continued until 1988 when Clintonville Water and Electric and Shawano Municipal Utilities began combining their purchases of electrical power from Badger Power Marketing Authority (BPMA).

BPMA purchases blocks of electrical power from Great Lakes Utilities and serves Shawano through its east, west and Cloverleaf substations. The economies gained through this ability to purchase power from the larger electric market, provides Shawano Municipal Utilities customers the benefits of reliable service and a low-cost power supply. 

In 1996, SMU installed its own fiber-optic network within the City to monitor its electrical, water and sewer facilities.  Soon after, the network was expanded to provide communication and internet services to other City Departments and the Shawano School District.

In 2009, the City took over direct operation of the water and sewer departments, but SMU continues to provide the customer service, billing and collections functions, and also provides, maintains and supports the information technology and communications needs for the City Government, fire and police departments.